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Book of Acts Chp. 1 - 14

Book of Acts audio files for your personal study with the class 7: pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays on our Facebook page.

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Narration and commentary by Dr. Gary (GL) Smith, Sr.

Please notice: we do not own the copyright to the music or the study curriculum that we are using for this course.

However, they are used with permission. 


Book of Acts Intro 4


Acts of the Apostle FB 4


Holy Spirit Study with Book of Acts 4

Acts Chp 2 part 1


Book of Acts Bible Study Chp 2 Pt

23-20 FB

Acts chp 3 Thursday Night Bible Study 4

Book of Acts Chp 4

Book of Acts Chp 5

Acts Chp 6

Acts Chp 7

Acts Chp 8

Acts Chp 9

Acts Chp 10

Acts Chp 11

Acts Chp 12

Acts Chp 13

Acts Chp 14