Dr. GL & Melissa Smith, Sr.

   Highways & Hedges World Evangelism Inc. 

                 Remember...no matter what it looks like, God can turn it around!

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                Rev. Gary (GL) & Melissa Smith, Sr.  is CEO and                      Founder of Highways & Hedges  World Evangelism Inc. 

Under our Chief Shepherd and Apostle our Lord Jesus Christ.

        She is Chief Executive Operations Manager of Affairs

He is a teacher and preacher of the Gospel of the Kingdom of

                        God  through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not oppose to being under any spiritual Apostolic covering but it MUST BE the right one or it's a waste of all                            parties involve, time, money and all resource. 

It MUST BE a spiritual birth/connection by the Holy Spirit.                        Good and noble intentions will not work here.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of                                                  Host" Zech. 4:6 

This applies to every aspect of the Kingdom of God through our

                                     Lord Jesus Christ.

Click on our video link below to sample a thought provoking                                              message entitled:

                       The Revelation of the Enemy / Friend

We all have friends and enemies but the Enemy/Friend is almost untraceable until it's too late. Thank God he knows and will flip the strip 
                                  for His people every time!

In this message we explore 4 (four) Bible characters that gives us a clear warning.
1. Joseph Brothers
2. King Saul
3. Judas Iscariot
4. The Anti - Christ 

We all have confided in someone we thought we could trust, just to find out later they betrayed our trust in the wrong camp. 

We pray you will be blessed and glean from this thought provoking message!
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Highways & Hedges World Evangelism Inc. 

Media Outreach Dept.

         Below please find an audio recording (grey and gold display) of a message entitled:

                                                     God Switched The Babies.

   The plan of God was to reintroduce the Kingdom of God to humanity through our Lord Jesus                                                                        Christ. 

                                          1.The Mosaic Law -vs- Grace in Christ.
                              2.  The 1st Man Adam -vs- the Second Man Adam (Christ Jesus)
                                 3. The Old man YOU -vs- THe NEW man YOU in CHRIST.
         This is how God switched the Babies on all fronts Heaven, Earth, and Beneath the Earth!

God switched the Babies Extra Audit
Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (Live)
New Wine (Supernatural Encounter)