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We do acknowledge that First Fruits and Tithes are Old Testament ordinances under the Mosaic Law, however, the scripture seems to imply they can be use as a gauge in the New Testament Church to whosoever will.

They are not mandated as a whole but one could tap into another dimension of God's blessing (if) they are practice in faith believing.

Three main ways of giving to God are found in the scripture.

 1. First Fruits

2. Tithes

3. Offerings

The true heart beat of them all had nothing to do with money or other resources within themselves.

It is in the manner / honor in which they were presented to the Lord.

 With this in mind we explore:

1. Prov. 3:5-11                 First Fruits

2. Malachi 3:8-10                    Tithes

3. Luke 6;38                      Offerings

Most importantly we discover they all MUST be coupled with HONOR in order to be acceptable unto the Lord.

Offerings to God without honor will never be accepted by God.

We must understand this because it is possible that the church can accept the offerings but

it doesn't guarantee God will.

 Is there such a thing as giving in vain?

The scripture teach clearly that this can easily be the case if we are not careful! 

In this message we consider the children of ancient Israel as they wondered through the wilderness and was over thrown by tripping over their own feet, sort of speaking,

or was there invisible enemies to cause them to be overthrown?

1 Corinthians 10:1-5

The Apostle Paul teaches there are lessons we can learn from the history of others as it relates to God dealing with them for the errors of their decisions.

The Lord Jesus gave the church a strong admonition that the Kingdom of God is in a time of warfare and strong opposition during this season and the violent must take it by force.

Matt. 11:12

This simply means all blessings belong to us in Christ but some will come easy and some we will have to become aggressive and fight for what we want in spiritual warfare.

This first generation of the children of ancient Israel did not fight to pursue the promise land, the Lord Jesus said we will have to be aggressive and fight sometimes to pursue our

(land of promises) in His Word!

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